Wiggletots products are amazing!

amber fresh

Great deal on a great product!


It’s my son’s mission to break free from the Wiggletot


It’s lovely especially in the cold weather

Niña Pingol Cochingco

…you have an amazing product, mommies will be glad to have one of this


We have our first baby gift and we are super excited to try it out! Thanks @geetacb #ootd #momlife


We love our #Wiggletot!! Thanks @geetacb!! It’s perfect for changing wiggly babies! #nflwags


Lifesaver for diaper changing my son! #workingmom #AlwaysOnTheRun #NFLWife


Excellent idea! I need this in my life. I will buy now!

I just placed the order. It went through perfectly. I really appreciate your prompt attention and excellent customer service.

Nash M. Thousand Oaks, California
mom of two testimonial

This is genus! I spend 90% of the diaper change rolling my son back over!

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Could have used the WiggleTot for a favorite Auntie. Her comment was. ‘I think I could change her if she’d just keep still.”


This is the smartest creation! Diaper changes are almost impossible with one person and an almost 7 month old


A gift any mom would love!


haven’t tried it yet! But will need it soon!


It works great! He can’t roll over and the toys on the front keep him occupied just long enough 🙂 Thank you


I love the Wiggle Tot diaper changing system. The vest keeps my baby secure while the attached toys entertains her. It makes diapering easy and enjoyble for both me and my daughter

M. Pamela @MelaCreations

I looove it! Fantastic and I’m sure every mom would agree!

Heather Allard @HeathAll

Awesome! Love it.

Lauren Rowe @LaurenRowe10

What a great idea. I have used baby powder bottles to get through. But the jacket-type restraint is perfect. Well done.


Great product! Definitely see this helping me as Jack gets bigger, especially as he just started to roll over two days ago!

lol many breaks for me–there is six of them– they sure wiggle–Merry Christmas

Andrea C. @A_ThirtyMommy

great product!

Emily Liebert @EmilyLiebert

Love it! What a great idea…

Mama Sass @thoughtfulnest

Yes I think it’s a great product!

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I have that squirmy baby I have to wrestle her for diaper changes.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 10.26.36 PM

Just checked out your product. My son is the worlds squirmiest baby to change. This is great!


love your product.

Kopecky @KimberlyKopecky

LOVE THIS!! I so wish I had this when my kids were little!!

loving the product, what a great way to diaper change, definitely a must have!

Giselle Irsigler

Wonderful…diaper – baby changing headaches all gone….

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 8.39.59 PM

This is awesome! I remember struggling with doing diaper change. I think this would be great within our daycares in my community. I see the struggle the ladies go through having to change multiple butts.

momonomics testimonial

VERY COOL diaper changing help for squirmy wormy babies! 🙂

sandy lacey testimonial

The arm holes have plenty of room to go over anything the baby wears. It seems like it would be much safer than just the belt and less painful as well.

Screen shot 2014-11-18 at 9.27.48 AM

This is a great idea. Changing my daughter is also called “baby rodeo” in my house. This would make things much easier. 

Screen shot 2014-11-02 at 9.23.36 PM

 The idea was brilliant. Changing diapers on rebellious twin boys was a nightmare, and I’m sure my newest baby is going to be just as wild. Heck, I’d use that little thing on the changing table. It …

Mamay Jane testimonial

That is very helpful & a must have for mom’s with babies. I also wish I had one when my daughter was a baby. Very comfortable to use for both mom & baby 😉 Congrats!

lindsaybudach testimonial

Genius!! I have a 6 month old and he is such a wiggle worm during diaper changes!!!