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    Wiggletot Diaper Changing Pad Cover Set with Detachable Vest The Wiggletot Diaper Changing sets keeps the baby or toddler in one place and entertained while the diaper change is in progress. Plus, it’s the only diaper changer with two different ways to secure a baby. In addition, the changer comforts baby by engaging him with toys.


About Wiggletot

While the Founder was in her initial stages of building Wiggletot, her eldest daughter was diagnosed with PDD, a development disorder at 2.5 years old. After discovering and implementing a restrictive Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) invented by the Neurologist Elaine Gottschall,a few years later her Spectrum of Autism diagnosis was removed.

The SCD diet was made easier with the book “A Taste of Wellness;” 462 tasty healthy recipes for people with digestive issues

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