About Us

Zaida Khaze
Innovator and CEO of Wiggletot™
The only diaper-changer with a detachable vest.

Zaida Khaze needed eight years of direct marketing experience with start-ups and downsizing companies to solve and correct the costly, stressful, time-consuming job of diaper changing a wriggly five-month-old baby.
The turning point for Zaida came when her new family was invited to a barbecue. Like most new mothers she waited until the last minute to dress-up her daughter fifteen minutes before leaving the house to avoid getting stained. However, moving the baby’s legs around to put on the outfit initiated a bowel movement less than a few minutes later. As the infant was consistently trying to turn over, both of mom’s hands were occupied and a soft, mustard-like liquid stained the changing pad, mom’s blouse and the new white dress.

Zaida became determined to have a stress and mess-free diaper changing experience. She created a machine washable changing pad cover and detachable vest combo; (complete with attachable toys) that is easy-to-use and get on baby whether they’re upright or lying down.

Wiggletot™ keeps baby in one place and entertained, letting mom or dad whip through the changing process with ease.