I am so happy to share the news of my feature in the “Big Sib Baby Help” FamilyFun article because I love the magazine for discovering new ideas to do with the family. My short paragraph in the article is about how my older daughter tried to solve a problem when her younger sister started crying profusely in her baby swinger. When my daughter Zara started crying her older sister Ameera immediately disappeared upstairs. Within a minute she returned to the scene in silence and put her favorite frog that she will not go to sleep without. She put the frog next to Zara’s head and walked away with a smile on her face like she did the best thing in the world and that her act would solve the problem. Her sister looked confused for roughly 10 seconds before she began crying on beat. Ameera was in her 2’s during this time. You can read the entire article in the May 2017 Issue of FamilyFun magazine. Read more WiggleTot features here

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